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Sarah Heitink

In various capacities, Sarah has been a part of the Military Community since birth. She is a daughter of a veteran, a spouse to an active duty Marine, a friend, colleague, mentor and most importantly, a MilSpouse volunteer. She is fueled by coffee and books. Sarah is energized by travel and beachin’ it along our crystal coast of the Carolina MAGTF. She is inspired by other MilSpouses just like you. Her mantra is "this to shall pass" and it’s important to her to stay teachable.


Sarah has worked for Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) for the past 19 years. As the MCCS Volunteer Coordinator, she is honored to spend time with you to chat about volunteering and mentorship. Volunteering isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things. Mentoring isn’t a big thing. It’s a powerhouse of micro and macro connections. Most importantly, volunteering and mentoring is an imperative part of the U and I MilSpouse legacy. Pairing these two significant and compelling themes launches the Esprit De Corps of Servant Leadership. They explain the ideas behind what it means to give back. These themes enlighten people, inspire others and curate a sense of community. She is excited to blend the themes of volunteering and mentorship while simultaneously sharing the ideas encompassing the MilSpouse and the Esprit De Corps of Servant Leadership. Sarah is looking forward to welcoming and energizing you during the 2023 Spring Camp Lejeune Leadership Seminar and thanks you for engaging in the U and I of the MilSpouse Community. Sarah cannot wait to meet you.

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