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Jocelyn R. Ortega, MSW, LCSW

While Jocelyn R. Ortega was born in Queens, New York, she grew up on both coast and overseas because of an active duty parent serving in the U.S. Army. Although she wanted to become a clinical therapist since the age of 7, at the age of 17, she joined the U.S. Coast Guard and served as a Corpsman before being honorable discharged in 2004. In 2012, Jocelyn completed her Bachelor degree in Sociology and was then accepted into the recently awarded number one HBCU school of social work in the country, UNC school of Fayetteville State University. Upon completing her Master of Social Work in Mental Health and Substance abuse, Jocelyn and her family moved to the Coast of North Carolina so that her husband could assist with the opening of the then new Veterans Affairs clinic in Wilmington, North Carolina.


As a clinical therapist, Jocelyn is certified as a trauma therapist and has worked in the acute hospital setting and a military installation supporting over 1500 Marines in addition to their family members. After therapeutically serving the Marine Corps and seeing a dire need for support with overall relationships, Jocelyn wrote a short guide to assist her clients with learning how to create and maintain healthy relationships. While teaching foundational therapeutic principles, Jocelyn works diligently with clients to establish and maintain healthy boundaries for better relationships. Currently, Jocelyn serves clients with severe trauma in the community care setting and provides services to those who sometimes can not afford to pay for therapy.  In addition to working in community care, Jocelyn maintains a private practice to serve clients who have Tricare and other insurances in meeting their therapeutic needs. For out of state clients, or client's who don't have therapy on their agenda, Jocelyn offers consulting services.


Jocelyn can be reached through her website at 

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