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Autumn Bishop

Vice President of Strategy & Impact, OnePlace

Autumn Bishop is a dynamic and dedicated professional deeply committed to fostering leadership, education, and ongoing professional development within organizational settings. With a rich
background in education, program evaluation, and strategic leadership, Autumn serves as the VP of
Strategy and Impact at One Place, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping transformative initiatives.
Autumn's extensive career includes roles such as Program Evaluator and School Readiness Director at
One Place, where she honed her expertise in coaching, program development, and data analysis. Her
passion for nurturing leadership skills and creating mentorship opportunities is evident in her proactive
approach to fostering positive team environments and enhancing program effectiveness.


Driven by her commitment to social justice and community well-being, Autumn advocates passionately
for children and families. She excels in building bridges between diverse groups and creating inclusive
spaces where everyone feels valued and included. Autumn's dedication to early childhood education is
exemplified through her roles as a North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NCPK) Teacher, NCPK Training
and Technical Assistance Specialist and NCPK Coordinator. Her educational background includes a
Bachelor of Science in Early Education, complemented by North Carolina Child Care Credentials and
Birth-Kindergarten North Carolina Teacher Licensure. In addition to her academic achievements,
Autumn holds multiple professional continuing education certifications: including Emotional Intelligence,
Leading and Managing, Critical Thinking, Coaching, and Mentoring. She is also a Working Genius
Certified Facilitator, a certified John Maxwell Speaker, and a DISC Certified Trainer. These certifications
underscore her commitment to personal and professional growth, enhancing her ability to navigate
complex challenges in nonprofit organizations.


Autumn is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Public Administration where she
leverages her practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and extensive certifications. This unique
blend equips her to address multifaceted challenges in the education sector, making her a well-rounded
professional capable of driving positive change in leadership, education, and mentorship.

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