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OUR PURPOSE STATEMENT: The purpose of the Camp Lejeune Leadership Seminar is to enrich our local and military communities by developing, exemplifying, and encouraging servant leadership.  We provide leadership education and training to develop the skills and confidence necessary to assume leadership positions.                                                                            


                                                               LIVE. LEARN. LEAD.

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Our Leadership Seminars are offered twice a year

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Our Seminars At A Glance

Our three-day seminar is offered twice a year to spouses who are eager to build their leadership toolbox and join a community of service-minded people. Previous seminar topics have included: Making Leaders, Leading with Strength, Goal Setting, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Overcoming Obstacles, Networking, Meeting Management, and Taking Care of the Leader.  CLLS is operated entirely by volunteers who devote their time and talents to develop the curriculum, identify guest speakers, facilitate small-group sessions, train new team members, and coordinate the administrative, logistical, and operational duties necessary to conduct each seminar.

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Day 1 focuses on Internal themes- Examples: Personal development- personal branding, personality assessment, defining your leadership style 


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Day 2 focuses on External themes- examples: relationships, teams, effective communication




Day 3 focuses on moving forward- Examples: career development, managing change, strategic volunteering


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