"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi



  • Secure site reservations for Executive Board meetings, Crew meetings, facilitator training meetings, and socials.

  • Maintain documentation of confirmed reservations for sites.

  • Contact vendors and site managers at least one week in advance of each scheduled event to confirm arrangements.

  • Open and secure all facility rooms.

  • Organize the set-up and breakdown of the seminar with the assistance of ALL Board Members and Crew.

  • Maintain CLLS supply inventory and make available to all Board Members by displaying a copy in the storage area for easy reference. 

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  • Create the seminar curriculum. 

  • Create and update the daily schedule of the seminar and make it available to all Board and Crew members, as deemed necessary.

  • Provide curriculum materials to Binder Coordinator for printing and assembly, by a pre-arranged date.

  • Provide presentation requirements to Audio Visual Coordinator.

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  • Coordinate fundraising events.

  • Send thank you cards and pictures of crew after each event/donation.

  • Coordinate meetings between donors/sponsors/media and CLLS team leaders & crew.

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  • Recognize and thank all CREW members.

  • Plan and organize CREW wrap-up party.

  • Coordinate SWAG bags for seminar participants.

  • Plan and organize CLLS socials for CREW and Executive Board.

  • Plan and organize seminar menu for in-person participants.

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  • Address the daily operation duties of our non-profit organization.

  • Maintain documentation of events, meetings and volunteers.

  • Answer emails and correspondence.

  • Serve as liaison between potential participants, CREW and Executive Board

  • Maintain joint calendar of events and meetings for all CLLS CREW and Board.

  • Support technical side of operations.



  • Guide small group members to share ideas, experiences, and opinions while helping participant reach learning objectives.

  • Provide mentorship.

  • Connect with small group participants prior to and during seminar.

  • Track daily attendance of participants during seminar.

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  • Promote and advertise CLLS via various media, to include social media.

  • Maintain CLLS website.

  • Prepare press releases as needed.

  • Work with Curriculum Chair to ensure donors are acknowledged during the seminar.

  • Ensure all companies are contacted and acknowledged for their donations.


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