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Victoria White, M.S. 

 Victoria White is a Marine Corps spouse and mom of 3 who grew up in a military family. Victoria works in higher education after 4 years as a Family Readiness Officer/ Deployment Readiness Coordinator. In her 15 years as a spouse, the longest time she lived at a duty station was 3.5 years, and it was recruiting duty. She writes her plans in pencil or not at all because she’s well aware of drastic changes, such as moving to Japan with 5 weeks’ notice. 

In her free time, she enjoys chasing sunsets, critiquing new restaurants as if she were a food critic, cooking, volunteering, and going on instagrammable adventures with her family. If you gave her a topic to discuss without preparation, it would be motivation. This passion was fueled by disappointment from outside sources, toxic workplaces, unfavorable neighbors and friends, or duty stations to which she struggled to adjust. She married her husband during her sophomore year in college, and they received orders shortly after, therefore she had to finish her degree online. During that time, she was enrolled in an undergraduate course in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) that led her to research motivational theories. She has since earned her Master of Science in I/O Psychology and strives to unlock intrinsic motivation in her life while helping others do the same. 

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